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Computing and System Engineering


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Kruger is devoted to the development of fan designs and application oriented work in the areas of fan testing and flow profile mapping. All research and code development are organized by Kruger Research Team. The basis for the application-oriented work is the development of theoretical models, numerical algorithms and computational tools. Current program developments are done in-house, and in cooperation with customers and suppliers.

Projects and Activities

Computational Fluid Dynamics
The Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) Team is a part of the R&D Department        at Kruger. The CFD work in Kruger is mainly devoted to the development of new fan product series. Analysis of flow problems has been done with a range of methods including Navier-Stokes computations. The group is also involved in the design of improved aerodynamic blade shapes for future product series. The work directed towards fan design is focused on the operational efficiency of the fan and air flow profile mapping. Current topics of study are

? Fan blade optimisation

? Experimental results verification and support

Air jet simulation Performance Curve

Fan Testing Automation

Other systems have been developed to support and verify the simulation results as well as automate fan testing. They are:

Testing Chamber Data Acquisition and Control System

The DAQ and Control System was developed by utilising the data acquisition hardware and a graphical programming tool to interface with the temperature and pressure sensors as well as the control devices. It was installed in the testing chamber to automate fan testing.